“Essentially what photography is, is life lit up”

Whoever said ‘Change is the only constant’, for sure, had never appreciated the beauty of a picture. In context of our art form, at Cam Captures we believe ‘Photograph is the only constant’.


Our Philosophy

We are a lifetime media company; following you through each moment you want us to hold archive forever. Anything that’s important to you and your life is important to us at Cam Captures. We strive to capture the moments that once gone are impossible to reproduce.

Our Style

Before you continue reading the boring content we have put on the page, take a moment and open up your picture that you simply love. Do you know the reason why you love it? Tax your brain a bit. Is it because of the surroundings, the location, the dress, the lighting or the photography skills? Or is it simply because of the mood of the people in the picture? If you feel you ‘the’ picture is priceless because of the smile on the face, the light and joy in the eyes or the glow on the face, we have a connection.

At Cam Captures, we are well equipped with all the latest gadgets to capture the surroundings and the action to deliver our vision in the form of captivating picture. More importantly, we are ready to capture the minute motions and moods that will make it hard for you to look at anything else but the subject. Hence, apart from our gadgets we bring along a positive and fun energy to effortlessly light up the mood and make our clients comfortable.

In short Cam Captures ensure you laugh and love to the fullest and those moments are beautifully captured.

Our Services

We are the ‘Walmart ’of the photography in the breadth of offerings at the reasonable price point, but with product quality of ‘Harrods’. We successfully fulfill all the needs of our customers. All your functions from the baby shower to the baby shower of the next generation, we have you covered. We’ll meet ahead of time to discuss and plan locations, your specific requests and ‘must have’ shots you want in the final product. When the project is complete, we’ll provide finished copies in the format of your choice.

Our Team

Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Pal Singh
Pravjit Singh
Pravjit Singh
Simmi Singh
Simmi Singh Klerr